Weather helps new Russian wheat crop, SovEcon upped the forecast

SovEcon upped the Russian wheat crop forecast on favorable weather

Last week was friendly for Russian winter wheat regions again. The South, the Center and the Volga Valley received 20-40 mm of rains. In some cases, it was too wet which could lead to the spread of diseases, first of in the South where temperatures were below the norm. 

Key spring wheat regions, the Urals and Siberia, received some rains at last (5-20 mm), but some damage to spring yields had been done already.

This week, winter wheat regions are predicted to be mainly drier with 2-15 mm of rain. However, parts of the South (Rostov and Krasnodar), are still predicted to be abnormally wet (20-40 mm). At this stage, this could lower the quality of the new wheat crop in terms of protein and gluten content.

Siberia is predicted to receive more much-awaited rains (15-30 mm).

Last week, SovEcon upped the Russian wheat crop forecast by 1.5 mmt to 82.4 mmt on good crop conditions and a bigger spring wheat area. If the current precipitation forecast is realized, the estimate could be upped further. 

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